Sleep in your own tent, bring your own food. We also have a large tent with oven in the camp where it is possible to relax and socialise in the evenings. The camp is only a ten minute walk from the road, but still feels hidden away. This is our original choice of comfort since 1994. It brings you closer to the nature and weather which strengthens the experience.

If you choose this option, you can of course stay somewhere else and just meet in the camp in the morning.


Sleep at a comfortable, but basic mountain hotel. The price includes three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and three-course dinner). The rooms has a private bathroom. If you want a cheaper alternative, ask us for the price for rooms with a shared bathroom,

The name of the mountain hotel is Sognefjellshytta. It is only a three minute drive from our camp, newly renovated, and famous in Norway for housing the cross-country skiing elite in parts of the summer.