Home of the giants

Jotunheimen National Park is the area with Norway’s highest mountains. In between these there are several glaciers. We have been around here since we started in back in 1994. We have seen how the use of the mountains are changing, how the glaciers are slowly melting away, while the beauty of the area still sustain. Here we are offering courses based on the traditional Norwegian form of simple outdoor living. This means that we do not bring more than we need, and we do not leave and traces.

Our glacier adventures and courses are at the largest glacier (Smørstabbreen) and surrounding mountains. The camp are only five minutes walk from the road, and the hotel is within walking distance (or a short drive). From the camp it takes 45 minutes to walk to the glacier, mostly in easy terrain.

Our climbing courses starts in the little village of Lom before we move into the national park to climb some of the high peaks. Jotunheimen is the area where the climbing sport were born in Norway, greatly influenced by English lords like William Cecil Slingsby. There is a rich history of both climbing and other use of the area.