• 3 days on blue ice

  • Walk, climb and explore

Join us for a real blue ice adventure. During three days you will walk and climb on ice, studying the deep blue beauty close up. This activity suits everyone that likes hiking in the mountains.


Blue ice adventure is an activity that brings you into the most fascinating part of the glacier. It includes walking between crevasses and ice walls, basic climbing, and solving problems related to route selection and rescuing. With three full days you will really know what beauty and challenges the blue ice offers.


Glacier mountaineering in Norway

Learn to use crampons, try different walking techniques on the ice, how to use the ice axe and ice screws. Then we will tie us together in a rope and walk into the crevasse area of the glacier.

What do you do when someone falls into a crevasse? How do we pass a crevasse safely? Where do we go to come through this area of crevasses and ice walls? This day we give you challenges that you have to solve together.

This day we will be climbing walls and out of crevasses, and try some abseil if you want to. We will also be walking into more advanced ice areas where there is a need for using ice screws to be secure.


We always use certified guides. In addition, this activity includes hire of glacier equipment (helmet, harness, ice axe, crampons, ice screws, carabiners, ropes).

Look at the FAQ section for a detailed list of equipment you need to bring yourself.