• Learn real climbing

  • Reach two summits

Join our mountain climbing course if you want to learn to climb at the highest mountains in Norway. No prior mountaineering experience is needed. Three of the days are use practicing in climbing fields, and two of days we climb high mountains.


Our mountain climbing course aims at learning you to climb high mountains without a guide. While there exists many types of climbing courses, this course are the real thing. But this does not mean that you know everything in five days. This course gives you a platform to develop from.

As with all our courses, this course builds on the Norwegian ideal of light outdoor living, focusing on a minimum set of equipment to climb safely. But even with relatively light equipment, two of the days are very long and physically demanding.

If you want to learn real climbing in the mountains, this is the course for you.


Glacier mountaineering in Norway

We meet in the morning. After an introduction of each others and going through the program, we start learning about equipment and knots.

The entire day will be used at the climbing field called Tronoberget. Here we will be top-roping and practice use of the equipment and climbing techniques.

Also this day will be at the climbing field. We will progress on climbing techniques, how to secure each others, and establishing belay stations.

Now we are ready to climb a mountain. We drive into Jotunheimen National Park and possible mountains might be Vesle Galdhøpiggen (2369 m), Store Austabotntind (2204 m), Store Dyrhaugsryggen (2147 m). The course leader decides which mountain to climb based on weather, conditions and wishes from clients. This day is rather long and demanding.

We are back at the climbing field, advancing our climbing techniques and try rescuing. Those who wants to can also try lead climbing.

We head back into Jotunheimen National Park to climb another mountain. It might be one of the peaks mentioned at day 4, or another one like Store Skagastølstind (2405 m). Again, this is decided based on weather, conditions and wishes from you.


This course follow the national standards for Norwegian climbing course.

We always use certified guides. In addition, this activity includes hire of climbing equipment (helmet, harness, carabiners, ropes). But you need to bring your own climbing shoes.

Look at the FAQ section below for a detailed list of equipment you need to bring yourself.