Join us for high quality courses and adventures in Norwegian mountains. We specialise in all kinds of mountaineering such as hiking glaciers, climbing mountains and reaching summits. We offer activities for all, from mountaineering for beginners to those more experienced. And we and have been doing this for 25 years already.

You will find us in Jotunheimen in the central part of Norway. Jotunheimen has the highest mountains of Norway and several glaciers in-between. The conditions for experiencing rel mountaineering, such as climbing, glacier hiking, and summits, are excellent. This is the cradle of Norwegian mountaineering, and you will understand why once you are here.

All our activities are real mountaineering, high in the Norwegian mountains and in all kinds of weather. You might be cold even in the middle of the summer, you might me wet and tired. Or you might see the mountains through sunglasses and feel no wind. Whatever weather you get, we promise a genuine experience. And smiles on the pictures.

Glacier mountaineering in Norway
Mountaineering for beginners



Choose our introductions or adventures if you want to see, do and experience without using time to repeat until you master it. These are guided mountaineering experiences that you chooses when you do not need to learn.

The activities called introductions are shorter and easier than the ones called adventures. Particularly, the introductions are fine if you have never tried glaciers before, or are a family with children. However, all introductions and adventures can be adapted to your wishes and earlier experiences with mountaineering and mountain hiking. 


Choose one of our mountaineering courses if you want to learn the activity so that you can climb mountains or trek glaciers without a guide. All our courses follows Norwegian mountaineering traditions with nationally approved guides.

We offer complete and short course for glacier and climbing. Choose the complete version if you want to learn all you need to be independent of mountain guides. Choose the short version if you want an introduction, and you might come back later to make it complete. No matter if you choose short or complete, you will learn Norwegian mountaineering from qualified guides.